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21 December 2011

USB over Network 4.7.2 released. Installation over older versions improved. Get/Set Troubleshooting physical API commands added. Activation error in Windows Vista fixed. Bug causing long service startup fixed. Support of devices with the same HWID and serial numbers added. BSoD on the physical side fixed.

9 December 2011

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28 November 2011

Scanner for Remote Desktop 1.0 Developer Preview available for download.

21 November 2011

Fabulatech, LLP. and MRY, Inc. team up to offer an innovative solution based on USB over Network on the global market.

15 November 2011

Serial Port Splitter 4.3.2 released. Install/Repair/Uninstall process fixed. Error handling of COM port fixed.

11 October 2011

USB Monitor Pro 2.7 RC released.

30 September 2011

USB for Remote Desktop 3.1 Beta released. Developer API extended. Service crashes fixed.

27 September 2011

Network Serial Port Kit 5.8 released. Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010 and XE controls added to SDK. Fax machine compatibility improved. Detection of COM device unplug improved. Possibility to configure physical port settings added to command line utility. A lot of minor improvements.

23 September 2011

USB for Remote Desktop CE 3.0 released. Compatible with USB for Remote Desktop Server 3.0. Supports Windows CE 6.

14 September 2011

Webcam for Remote Desktop 1.0 RC 2 released.

1 September 2011

USB Monitor Pro 2.7 Beta 3 released. Error 1168 blocking monitoring of certain USB devices fixed. Filtering by pipe and interface added. GUI revised considerably.

30 August 2011

USB for Remote Desktop 3.0.2 released. Redirection of some USB devices fixed.

29 August 2011

USBNet Blog Contest is in full swing. Don't miss your chance - take a shot! Follow the link to apply now!

18 August 2011

USB over Network 4.7 for Windows and Linux released. The feature of sharing USB ports added. The algorithm of sharing the same USB devices without serial numbers improved. GUI improved (Windows version). HAL support removed (Linux version). A lot of bugs fixed.

17 August 2011

Virtual Serial Port Kit for Windows CE 5.2.2 released. Problem with driver signing fixed.

15 August 2011

Sound over RDP for Linux 2.6 released. OSS compatibility added. Support of Null Audio Driver added. Possibility to change sampling rate added.

1 August 2011

Sound over RDP 2.6 released. Partial support of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 added.

26 July 2011

Serial Port Control 2.3 released. USB-COM cable plug/unplug fixed. Excess operations with handling COM ports removed.

25 July 2011

USBNet Blog Contest has already started!

Heads up, geeks and bloggers! Participate in USBNet Blog Contest and win the Grand Prize!

13 July 2011

Webcam for Remote Desktop and Printer for Remote Desktop are no longer beta. Meet Release Candidates!

27 June 2011

Serial Port Redirector CE 1.2.3 released. PocketPC and Windows Mobile installation issue fixed. Long hostnames are handled correctly now.

14 June 2011

Webcam for Remote Desktop 1.0 Beta 4 released.

10 June 2011

USB Monitor Pro 2.7 Beta released. Possibility to monitor multiple hot-plugged devices added.

6 June 2011

USB for Remote Desktop 3.0.1 released. Service crash on the Workstation side fixed. Service crash on the Server side fixed.

23 May 2011

Sound over RDP 2.6 Beta released. Support for Windows 7 on server side is added.

18 May 2011

USB for Remote Desktop 3.0 released. Port redirection feature implemented. Issue that led to program freezing when trying to share the same device in two terminal sessions is fixed. Other minor fixes.

22 April 2011

Serial Port Splitter 4.3.1 released. The issue leading to a single process being unable to open split ports is fixed.

15 April 2011

Printer for Remote Desktop 1.0 Beta released! Print easy in remote Windows sessions via RDP or Citrix!

14 April 2011

Brand new Webcam for Remote Desktop 1.0 Beta available for download! The product allows to use local webcams in remote Windows session over RDP or Citrix ICA.

12 April 2011

USB over Network 4.6 Beta and USB for Remote Desktop 3.0 Beta available for download.

30 March 2011

Serial Port Redirector 2.5.3 released. New port properties added to SDK. x64 setup example for Wix added. ActiveX minor issues fixed.

25 March 2011

USB monitor Pro 2.6 released. Virtually unlimited data volume can now be gathered in the monitoring process. GUI usability improved: from now it's possible to start monitoring of a hot-plugged device by simple click on toolbar button. Some minor bugs fixed as well.

3 March 2011

Serial Port Control 2.2 released. CodeGear Delphi 2010 and C++ Builder 2010 support added. Embarcadero Delphi XE and C++ Builder XE support added. Unicode issues in Delphi 2009 and C++ Builder 2009 fixed. Some minor issues fixed in ActiveX control. Line-status errors handling fixed.

1 March 2011

Virtual Serial Port Kit for Windows CE 5.2.1 released. Possibility to specify installation path during installation is added.

8 February 2011

Virtual Serial Port Control 3.1.5 released. License key info is displayed correctly now in ActiveX and .Net controls in design mode. Line status errors (overrun, parity, framing, break) are write-only now.

18 January 2011

Serial Port Splitter 4.3 released. Installation issue in Windows 7 fixed. Bluetooth COM port disconnect detection improved. Bluetooth device disappearing is handled correctly now. Restriction for simultaneous opening of shared COM port by the same process added. Issue with resuming from Suspend/Hibernate fixed. Shared port disappearing issue (due to repeated open/close) fixed. Incorrect support of unicode by ActiveX, .Net and Borland controls fixed.

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