Configuring via Command Line Interface

Use SPRCmd.exe console program to map serial ports via command line interface.

Note: Command line SPRCmd.exe file is created during the program install. You can find it within Serial Port Redirector program folder.

Command Line Keys

Key Description
set raw|rfc2217 <COM-port> <host name> <TCP-port> Add virtual serial port
setserver raw|rfc2217 <COM-port> <TCP-port> [physical] Add server serial port on specified TCP-port
bitrateemul <COM-port> on|off Enable/disable bitrate emulation option
fixedbaud <COM-port> on|off [value] Set fixed baudrate value
fixedline <COM-port> on|off [[d:5|6|7|8] [s:1|1.5|2] [p:none|odd|even|mark|space]] Set fixed line control parameters
fixedflow <COM-port> on|off [none|hardware|xonxoff] Set fixed flow control
remove <COM-port> Remove virtual serial port
removeall Remove all virtual ports
list [physical|virtual] Lists serial ports
enable Enable all virtual ports
disable Disable all virtual ports
reconnect Apply autoreconnect settings
keepalive Apply keep alive settings
help [key] Show this help or help topic for the specified command line [key].

Command Line Usage Examples:

Key Description
SPRCmd.exe set rfc2217 5 2000 Create virtual COM5 redirected to remote IP address, TCP-port 2000. RFC2217 protocol is used for data transfer.
SPRCmd.exe remove 5 Remove virtual COM5.
SPRCmd.exe fixedline 3 on s:1 p:none Configure fixed settings for COM3 (Stop bits = 1, Parity = None).